C3 of Northwest Alabama was incorporated in the fall of 2010 as a cooperative marketing effort, as the cities and counties throughout Marion, Lamar and Fayette (3 counties or C3) banded together as an economic development alliance with the singular purpose of growing this area by marketing our regions advantages to new and existing businesses. Our mission is to create and promote an environment wherein businesses will choose to invest and create jobs for area residents. Jobs serve as the fuel that allows individuals and families to enjoy a better quality of life and/or higher standard of living. Stable work opportunities that enable residents to earn good wages allow each person to confidently purchase things that they want and need, which in turns builds stronger stable communities. Consider C3 as your "go-to" organization if you are a business owner or investor, a site selection consultant or entrepreneur. We will act as an extension of you and your staff, as you seek information and assistance needed to make an informed business decision (to start, relocate or expand a business). We offer confidential professional assistance at no cost or obligation. Put us to work for you today.




Tom Wisemiller has 15 years of experience in successfully managing and promoting economic development programs and projects. In his most recent position as Development Project Coordinator with the Marysville, OH – Union County Economic Development office, Wisemiller led efforts to attract and retain industrial projects in the Union County area, a fast-growing rural/suburban county of the Columbus region. He played a key role in bringing a Spanish Automotive supplier to Marysville. Tom helped to secure a $1.6 million grant from the Ohio Site Inventory Program, which helped to bring a new Class A industrial spec building to Marysville.

Tom also worked for the City of Greenville, North Carolina for 12 years, performing a variety of economic development and downtown revitalization roles.

Tom earned a Master of Regional Planning degree at Cornell University and a B.A. in History from Ohio State University.

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After graduating with a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Alabama, Jamie served as Executive Director of the Hamilton Area Chamber of Commerce in her hometown community from 1996 – 2000. She & her husband moved to Pueblo, Colorado in 2000, where she served as Membership Director of the Latino Chamber of Commerce there. She was then offered the position of Marketing Director for a tourist attraction, the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, in Pueblo, modeled after the Riverwalk in San Antonio. As a result of her experience in Chamber work and the tourism industry, Jamie worked in conjunction with several economic development entities to grow the communities in which she worked. She is a graduate of the Auburn Intensive Economic Development Training Course and the Marion County Leadership Program. She also served on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama and was very involved, including serving on the board, of numerous travel and tourism associations and charitable organizations in Alabama and Colorado.

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Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Mark Brown
  • Vice Chairman: Matt LeDuke
  • Treasurer: Andy Johnson
  • Wade Nixon
  • Heath Reed
  • Don Cole
  • Banks Hattaway
  • Wayne Christian
  • Don Waldon
  • Britton Lightsey
  • Katie Garrison
  • Harry Unger
  • Valerie Branyon
  • Al Elbert
  • Will Gilmer
  • Kelli Foster