quality of life

Quality of Life

Find a friendly safe and fantastic atmosphere in the C3 Region, especially for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Our rolling hills are perfect for hiking, biking, bird watching, camping, hunting and fishing. Each County has a public fishing lake and the hunting, especially deer hunting, has been named the best in the State in terms of herd size and trophy bucks. Our multiple streams and rivers are ideal for kayaks and canoes, while Smith Lake and the Bear Creek Lakes offer additional boating options nearby, for larger boats and waterskiing/wakeboarding. The temperate climate with an average annual temperature of 63 degrees (77 Summer, 49 in Winter) means there are lots of days to enjoy fun in the sun, such as at our two fantastic water parks or the many festivals held across the region. Overall cost of Living is only 80% of the national average, while housing costs are sometimes as low as 70%. For those with children, the school systems are among the best in the State, while organized sports, whether league competitions or individual pursuits abound. You will be right at home here. Your new neighbors will make sure you do.

Housing Price Statistics – 2Q 2018

Alabama $ 164,803
U.S. $ 188,900
C3 Region $ 97,316

Source: Alabama Center for Real Estate, Alabama Housing Affordability Index 2Q 2018.
*Source: Local Real Estate Agencies.

Regional Community Amenities

  • Number of hospitals: 3
  • Number of beds: 181
  • Number of non-daily newspapers: 5
  • Number of libraries: 10
  • Number of hotels & other lodging: 12
  • Number of financial institutions: 62
  • Number of retail establishments: 563
  • Number of service establishments: 842

Source: State Health Planning and Development Agency, Alabama Press Association, and Claritas